What makes your Life beautiful?

Have you ever pondered about life? Have you ever tried to find a simple answer to this complex equation called life? What is it that is most important for us in life?

As far my experience goes we all strive for happiness and we try to attain it from various sources. Every one's life is driven by some source of inspiration or some passion. Those who do not have any passion they are driven by their hidden potentials and activities happening around them on daily basis. This class of people are lost and have no goal. They do not have any idea that what they want in life and if you are not clear about your destination there is no point in travelling.

Many of us will confess that they fall under this category. My destination is happiness! True bliss.

We spend our whole life, working for materialistic desires and we assume that one day these things will make us happy or may go with us after death। We ruin our present by thinking too much about future. Ephemeral objects of creation do not give us permanant bliss and peace.

Life is a God's most precious gift to us. It becomes beautiful when you surrender to the will of the God. When you do not attach your self with the actions you perform you are not worried about the outcome and when we take every thing as a surprise. Mantra of Happiness lies in "Self Conciousness".

Madhur Ahuja.


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