The day when I lost two cell phones in a row !

It was 26th December 2007, time 6:00 am when I reached Old Delhi station. I started gathering my stuff like blanket, cap, glasses, iPod, "cellphone" and my bag. I was very sure that at last this time I have placed everything in the right place. I carried my heavy bag on the shoulders and stepped out of my coach. The moment I stepped out I sensed that I haven't picked my cellphone from the berth I went back to get it but in that short span some one had taken it away. It hurt me a lot because I loved that phone. It is really very strange that how we attach our emotions to non-living things.
Then in the evening I decided to buy a new phone. I went to the store and bought a new phone. Inserted my best friend's SIM in it. I was happy while coming back to my flat. Then I decided to buy a new SIM. I went to the mobile store bought a new SIM and put my hand in the pocket to get the new phone to insert new SIM in it, and to my astonishment it was not there. I thought that my day cannot get worse than this. I have lost a brand new cellphone. I really felt like cursing my self. The agony of loosing the cellphone was nothing in front of loosing my best friends' SIM card. Feeling of being careless was pinching me harder than the monetary loss.

When such incidents take place in our lives we tend to forget all our spiritual lessons and become very sad and disappointed. Every thing belongs to God. We cry on everything that he takes away, rather than thanking him for everything he has given us.

Thank you God.
Thank you for making my life so beautiful.


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