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The time when I replaced Nexus 4 Digitizer/LCD Assembly!

I have always been a fan of Android Nexus Series of Phones. I had got mine (Nexus 4) almost 2 years back. Till last week it was going strong and I was loving it more than ever with new Lollipop update. But the destiny had something else in store for it. It got washed in water accidentally and also fell hard on the volume button. This debacle resulted in non-functional touch screen in the bottom area where "home, back & recent" soft touch keys come up. The volume rocker also stopped functioning. Though the condition was not totally out of hand because most part of the touch screen was functional. So for temporary workaround I installed Handy Soft Keys , an android app which lets you have pie menu on the screen to simulate Home, Back and Recent Operations. But ergonomically it was pretty annoying and time consuming. So I finally decided to find Nexus 4 repair center. I found it in a near by Mall. But discovering their fees (around $170) made me realize that I wi

How to get New Driving License in Bothell, Washington

Prepare for the written test. Download the driver guide and read it thoroughly. You can also go through the practice test at DoL website . Pre-apply online to book an appointment for the test. To pre-apply you must have a valid address in the state. Find the nearest authorized testing center . Those living in the Bothell Area can go to Xcelerate Driving School . The directions are given below- Carry following with you- Identify Proof WA residence street address. Social Security Number The fees for the test - $25.00  In order to clear the written test you would need to score minimum 20 out of 25. Once you have cleared the exam book an appointment with the center for the Road Test. Road Test would cost you $40 on your own car and $50 on center's car. After clearing the road test get the results slip from the center. To get the license visit nearest DoL office. In my case it was Lynwood office. Carry following with you- Identity Proof Recent i94 Passport V

The "Honeymoon" Period!

Recently, we were invited for Tea by a lovely lady Cicilia to her home. Cicilia is in her 80’s and is very enthusiastic about life. She is very kind and exhibits love in everything she does. Her self assured demeanor asserts her faith in her Master. She made elaborate plans to have us come over, have tea and then enjoy light western classical music along with conversations to share wonderful experiences of our lives.  During our conversations she shared one beautiful experience from her life which really made a lasting impact on my mind. She stated that after we join the path of spirituality, initial few years of time period is “Honeymoon Period”. It is the time when things go well in terms of health, financial stability, overall well being as the Lord gives us a chance to do our meditation and be able to follow the vows of spirituality. It is the best time to meditate as the Lord ensures that we are in right frame of mind with minimum obstacles. God keeps observing us. If we a

"Poori" on Fire!

It was a usual weekend where we were thinking of rejuvenating our taste buds by cooking Indian Fried Bonanza Dish "Poori Chole". The skilled ladies prepared "Chole" and started cooking hot "Poori"s in full flow in almost burning cooking oil. Generally this process is accompanied with lot of smoky showdown. While we were enjoying the delicacy, suddenly Fire Alarm started beeping so hard that we had to cover our eardrums with our hands. But that didn't deter our foodie spirits and we continued enjoying the food, that its due to the "Poori"s which were on fire! We were surprised to see that FireAlarm was ringing just outside our apartment. Straight away we made an assumption that its due to our "Smoky Showdown"! Then next moment took us by surprise when we heard the FireBrigade siren. We were simply shocked that who in the hell would call Fire Brigade just to cool down our "Delicacy" process. In order to keep our

Happiness is not linked with location!

India is a rapidly developing software hub. It has young and intelligent workforce with huge potential. Many of them consider onsite opportunities in US/Europe/Other regions to be catalyst for better career, better facilities, good money and hence "happiness". To a large extent it is true. But more than the shift of location, it is the shift of state of mind, which is responsible for the increase in "happiness" quotient. When the "Mind" is contented with what it has, it will be happy. If the "Mind" is at peace then it does not matter where you work and live. You will be happy. Happiness is not linked with "Geographic Location" it is just a state of "Mind". photo credit: Dawn Ashley via photopin cc

Life is imperfect!

Yeah! Life is imperfect! And its perfectly okay to accept it this way. In this karmic playground called "Creation", imperfection is vital for its sustenance. If equilibrium reaches every where then what else will follow? So that is why everything "tends" to equilibrium instead of actually attaining it. World is a temporary and imperfect abode assigned to attain perfection and to merge with the perfect one. Though our actions are imperfect but they are much better than perfect inaction.  photo credit: symphony of love via photopin cc