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"Poori" on Fire!

It was a usual weekend where we were thinking of rejuvenating our taste buds by cooking Indian Fried Bonanza Dish "Poori Chole". The skilled ladies prepared "Chole" and started cooking hot "Poori"s in full flow in almost burning cooking oil. Generally this process is accompanied with lot of smoky showdown. While we were enjoying the delicacy, suddenly Fire Alarm started beeping so hard that we had to cover our eardrums with our hands. But that didn't deter our foodie spirits and we continued enjoying the food, that its due to the "Poori"s which were on fire! We were surprised to see that FireAlarm was ringing just outside our apartment. Straight away we made an assumption that its due to our "Smoky Showdown"! Then next moment took us by surprise when we heard the FireBrigade siren. We were simply shocked that who in the hell would call Fire Brigade just to cool down our "Delicacy" process. In order to keep our

Happiness is not linked with location!

India is a rapidly developing software hub. It has young and intelligent workforce with huge potential. Many of them consider onsite opportunities in US/Europe/Other regions to be catalyst for better career, better facilities, good money and hence "happiness". To a large extent it is true. But more than the shift of location, it is the shift of state of mind, which is responsible for the increase in "happiness" quotient. When the "Mind" is contented with what it has, it will be happy. If the "Mind" is at peace then it does not matter where you work and live. You will be happy. Happiness is not linked with "Geographic Location" it is just a state of "Mind". photo credit: Dawn Ashley via photopin cc