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The day when I lost two cell phones in a row !

It was 26th December 2007, time 6:00 am when I reached Old Delhi station. I started gathering my stuff like blanket, cap, glasses, iPod, "cellphone" and my bag. I was very sure that at last this time I have placed everything in the right place. I carried my heavy bag on the shoulders and stepped out of my coach. The moment I stepped out I sensed that I haven't picked my cellphone from the berth I went back to get it but in that short span some one had taken it away. It hurt me a lot because I loved that phone. It is really very strange that how we attach our emotions to non-living things. Then in the evening I decided to buy a new phone. I went to the store and bought a new phone. Inserted my best friend's SIM in it. I was happy while coming back to my flat. Then I decided to buy a new SIM. I went to the mobile store bought a new SIM and put my hand in the pocket to get the new phone to insert new SIM in it, and to my astonishment it was not there. I thought that my

What makes your Life beautiful?

Have you ever pondered about life? Have you ever tried to find a simple answer to this complex equation called life? What is it that is most important for us in life? As far my experience goes we all strive for happiness and we try to attain it from various sources. Every one's life is driven by some source of inspiration or some passion. Those who do not have any passion they are driven by their hidden potentials and activities happening around them on daily basis. This class of people are lost and have no goal. They do not have any idea that what they want in life and if you are not clear about your destination there is no point in travelling. Many of us will confess that they fall under this category. My destination is happiness! True bliss . We spend our whole life, working for materialistic desires and we assume that one day these things will make us happy or may go with us after death। We ruin our present by thinking too much about future. Ephemeral objects of creation do not

दिल का हुजरा साफ कर

दिल का हुजरा साफ कर जाना के आने के लिए, ध्यान गैरों का उठा उसके बिठाने के लिए। Cleanse the chamber of your heart, so that the Beloved may enter, Remove all the foreign impressions, so that He can take His seat there. चश्मे दिल से देख यहाँ क्या क्या तमाशे हो रहे, दिल्सितां क्या क्या है तेरे दिल सताने के लिए। See with the heart's eye the astonishing spectacle of this world, What heart ravishing scenes appear there to entice you. एक दिल लाखों तमन्ना उस पे और ज़यादा हवस, फिर ठिकाना है कहाँ उसके टिकाने के लिए? One heart, with many desires, and always the lust for more, Where is there any place for the Lord to come and reside? नकली मंदिर मस्जिदों मे जाए सद अफ़्सोस है, कुदरती मस्जिद का साकिन दुःख उठाने के लिए। It is a great pity that, going in the false [imitation] temples and mosques, The indweller of the true mosque [the human body] is made to suffer कुदरती काबे कि तू मेहराब मे सुन गौर से , आ रही धुर से सदा तेरे बुलाने के लिए । We should listen with attention in the p


Mother, she is manifestation of love for her children. It just cannot be explained in words how much love a mother has for her child. It is the tender touches, constant care and unconditional love of mother which enables a child to become strong enough to stand against all odds, all difficulties of life.. She knows every sorrow, every joy of child. She can easily look into the heart of her child. She helps the child to believe in himself..teaches her how to live and stay happy in difficulties.. With so many responsibilities on her shoulder she never forgets to cook best meal for us, she never forgets to take care of our daily needs, She never forgets to shower her love on us.. Thank you God! Thank you for making mothers..