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Tryst with Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 4

Backdrop I had bought Nexus 4 with two objectives in the mind. One that I wanted a core Google experience and secondly that the Ubuntu Touch OS could be installed on Nexus 4 hardware. Initially when the phone was new I was afraid to experiment and play with it so I kept avoiding the installation of Ubuntu Touch developer preview as it was unstable and I did not want to take associated risk of bricking my phone. But my recent screen replacement gig gave me enough confidence to finally go for it. Installing Desktop OS for Mobile OS So first I decided to install Ubuntu Desktop OS on my Laptop. I thought it would be way easier than setting up the prerequisite environment on Windows OS. Initially I thought of dual booting my laptop using wubi  But I found out that it is not supported with the latest version of Ubuntu. So I decided to do it using a bootable USB drive. I made the bootable disk using LiLi USB Creator software . Things were going fine but somehow I was not happy to