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Talisman of Appraisals!

Every professional is running hard for his dreams of achieving fat packages, high designation and recognition. For fulfilling these desires one has to pass through ' Talisman of Appraisals'. It is a magical path where top management practice their magic tricks. Only few lucky ones can make their way through it.  An appraisee can be categorized in following ways - Hard Workers They work very hard to meet their deadlines. They do not worry about putting extra hours at the cost of their health, valuable time and hobbies. They are generally bad losers. They feel like defeated and deceived souls when they do not get their due in the appraisal process. Smart Workers They know how to get things done fast but are not accustomed to work beyond certain limitations where the job demands hard work. They live life like free birds do not bother much about top ranks.  Hybrid Workers They are few blessed ones who can work hard smartly. They achieve a lot in the long run

Wagah border ceremony

Recently I got a chance to see the retreat ceremony at Wagah border. Wagah is a village in north India which was divided in two parts during Indo-Pak partition. Initially we all were in two minds to visit the place because of extremely hot weather and probability of rush but finally the consensus was made to go there. The journey started with high hopes of experiencing something new. First thing that we observed on reaching there was people, lot of people. Some enthusiastic about the ceremony, some doing their routine business of selling flags and dvds, some waiting for the passengers. Our taxi was parked and we decided to march ahead towards the Wagah gate. We had to pass through lot of rush and general security checks. We toppled and rippled through people and made some space in the stairway to have a good view of the ceremony. We were lucky to have few clouds, which helped in lowering the temperature. Credit goes to the prayers of my wife. Slowly the atmosphere started to build