Talisman of Appraisals!

Every professional is running hard for his dreams of achieving fat packages, high designation and recognition. For fulfilling these desires one has to pass through 'Talisman of Appraisals'. It is a magical path where top management practice their magic tricks. Only few lucky ones can make their way through it. 

An appraisee can be categorized in following ways -
  • Hard Workers
    • They work very hard to meet their deadlines. They do not worry about putting extra hours at the cost of their health, valuable time and hobbies. They are generally bad losers. They feel like defeated and deceived souls when they do not get their due in the appraisal process.
  • Smart Workers
    • They know how to get things done fast but are not accustomed to work beyond certain limitations where the job demands hard work. They live life like free birds do not bother much about top ranks. 
  • Hybrid Workers
    • They are few blessed ones who can work hard smartly. They achieve a lot in the long run. They have the skill and talent to be intolerant of any unjust in the appraisal process. They start searching for alternative job opportunities, moment you mess with their growth.
  • Lazy Workers
    • This category belongs to the great MBA aspirants, entrepreneurs,  kin of business tycoons. Employment for them is only means of regular pocket money and access to company resources to fulfill their primary goals.
  • Shrewd Workers
    • These are typical sycophants who know the art of pleasing there superiors and taking other's credit. With smooth communication skills they can make other's ideas their own. Ironically, they have huge success rate in the appraisal process.
In my opinion those who have strong will power, huge knowledge base and passion to learn more, will have no fear of 'Talisman of Appraisals'. No one can stop them from growing. As they will not hold on to small present gains over huge future loss of integrity.

P.S. - These are entirely my personal views. No offence meant to anyone.
Madhur Ahuja

photo credit: Valtech Sweden via photopin cc 


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