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Good & Bad Karma..

Neither bad nor good karma can help us to be free from the shackles of "Kaal". Only "Sound of God" (Shabad) can pull us up from cycle of Karma and burn the karmas.

Music home @ 10 !

When all the 9 gates will be closed, the 10th gate will open and Music will be heard.

God's Love is omnipresent !

God's Love is blowing in all directions. Mind has to be still to experience it.

How to become Zero from Infinite?

Cycle of "84" can only be pierced by the arrow of "Divine Love" and "Meditation". Thats how we will realize the "ONE" (Zero) from "INFINITE" !

I love drawing surds!

I don't know why but my Love for drawing surd caricatures keeps growing with every piece I draw !

Blessed are those...

Blessed are those who have love and fear of Master! Blessed are those who submit everything to the Master's will! Blessed are those who meditate regularly!