Good & Bad Karma..

Neither bad nor good karma can help us to be free from the shackles of "Kaal". Only "Sound of God" (Shabad) can pull us up from cycle of Karma and burn the karmas.


  1. nice madhawk. Good & bad are created for taming humans. In a way they are useful tools. how will it be if we are devoid of either of them. might get chaotic.

  2. Thanks Sachin :)
    In this karma zone we cannot be devoid of performing karma. Bad karma will give you iron chains (Suffering life) Good karma will give you gold chains (Luxurious life). Message is that by doing meditation you can still your "Mind" and then you will be able to hear the "Eternal Sound" inside us. It is this manifestation of God which will burn our account of good or bad karma and enable us to fly back to our source. So freedom of soul lies in finishing the account of all karma.

  3. kya baat hai.. very well done illustration.. I dont think I have ever thought of karmic theory in this way.. thanks for the enlightenment :)

  4. Nice Madhur..I realy enjoyed reading it...Karma goes like a shadow with can never hide from it...just good karma protects you from evil and bad helps evil to sore in you...atleast this ...


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