The "Honeymoon" Period!

Recently, we were invited for Tea by a lovely lady Cicilia to her home. Cicilia is in her 80’s and is very enthusiastic about life. She is very kind and exhibits love in everything she does. Her self assured demeanor asserts her faith in her Master. She made elaborate plans to have us come over, have tea and then enjoy light western classical music along with conversations to share wonderful experiences of our lives. 

During our conversations she shared one beautiful experience from her life which really made a lasting impact on my mind. She stated that after we join the path of spirituality, initial few years of time period is “Honeymoon Period”. It is the time when things go well in terms of health, financial stability, overall well being as the Lord gives us a chance to do our meditation and be able to follow the vows of spirituality. It is the best time to meditate as the Lord ensures that we are in right frame of mind with minimum obstacles.

God keeps observing us. If we are busy in worldly pleasures and not utilizing the “Honeymoon Period” the way it is supposed to be, he will nudge us and bring us out of our comfort zones so that we keep progressing. Now nudging can be in the form of financial losses, family losses, accidents. All these incidents act like a blessing in disguise. It is a way to bring the wandering disciple back on the path. But it is better to utilize “Honeymoon Period” to walk with the Lord and not get dragged along.

photo credit: nattu via photopin cc


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