Power of Imagination !

Last night I imagined myself sitting on a rock beside a calmly flowing river. There was complete silence. The only sound which I could hear was of flowing river. I could perfectly relate myself with the river. Although the river seemed quiet on the surface, it was turbulent within. I was still and peaceful from outside but from within I was not at rest. In few moments all logics and reasons left me and my rendezvous with the soothing vicinity made me overwhelmed with the emotions and I just could not stop tears rolling down my face. I do not know when I fell asleep.

I woke up with a delightful mind, light soul and fully recharged body. It was the best sleep I have ever had before. First rays of Sun blessed me with all its warmth and illuminance. I felt as if the God himself is showering all his Grace on me. I stretched my arms to receive the inexplicable Love.

I would never forget this wonderful imagination ride.
Just spend some time with your "self", it is very beautiful.

Madhur Ahuja.


  1. Am loving seeing and reading your posts :))

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